The New Plan

A Careful Approach

The Stonehouse Hill Community is committed to preserving the land. As a nationally renowned landscape architect, Tom Wirth has won many awards and is well known for his appearances on the PBS shows This Old House and The Victory Garden. He has his own firm and works with his son Wesley; they specialize in site design that accentuates the natural amenities of the land -assuring minimal disturbance- and the use of native plants. With careful consideration to the land, Tom has drawn up a plan for 6 Stonehouse Hill parcels that occupy 8.5 acres plus 7 acres of common land. Each parcel is approximately 1-1.5 acres. Read more about land preservation here.

Expert Guidance

Included with the purchase of each parcel is Tom’s expertise. Guided by the covenants, he can assist each home owner in locating the house and the driveway. The privacy of each home and the best potential views are carefully considered.

Advice on tree care and pruning, site maintenance, and planting is also included, if desired. Tom can also recommend a green architect if a lot owner desires. In addition, Tom can recommend good, ecologically sensitive builders and excavators who will be careful about delivery of materials, moving materials, using machines near tree roots and sensitive ground covers, and use good construction and cleanup practices that will best preserve the land.

Home sites can be designed into the land and flow with the topography. The natural environment can be allowed to inspire forms, colors, and materials. Such inspiration and integration can imbue a new-built home with the special character of where it is -the Maine woods- and thus preserve a "sense of place".  

Homeowners' Association

A homeowners’ association will be created to maintain the road and trails. Its bylaws shall embrace the philosophy of the Stonehouse Hill covenants which encourage good design, energy efficiency, and land and nature conservation.

Walking Trails

Additionally, Tom has designed, and currently personally maintains, a common-use walking trail that winds up and down and through the property for all to enjoy. The trail takes in views of the old schoolhouse, the rhododendrons, the wildflowers, lichen covered ledges, moss covered rocks, beautiful old stone walls, distant water views, and the salt marsh with its birds and quiet serenity.